Your First Visit

Your family doctor or specialist will refer you to Auckland Gastroenterology Associates if they are concerned that you have problems that require a specialist opinion regarding the diagnosis or treatment of any gastrointestinal or liver symptoms or disease. We also accept self-referrals.

Waiting times range from 1-2 weeks depending on urgency, which is assessed from the letter we receive from your GP, and the availability of a particular gastroenterologist.

Before coming to our clinic, you may be asked to undergo tests such as blood tests, urine tests or stool tests (you collect a sample of your urine or stool for analysis).

Consultations last approx 45 minutes. A history of your symptoms will be taken as well as a review of any medications you are on (please bring these with you). You will then be examined which may involve, depending on your complaints, a rectal and/or sigmoidoscopy examination. This involves the insertion of the doctor's finger or a tube into your bottom to examine the inside. You may be referred on for further laboratory tests, ultrasound scan, CT scan, MRI scan or endoscopy, depending on your condition.

Free parking is available within the hospital grounds. To find us click here.